What Do Junior Bridesmaids Wear?

Weddings are the bride’s time to shine. A moment in every women’s life when she’s entitled to feel like a queen, to live her own fairy tale and to dazzle everyone with her beauty. It is her opportunity to make an impression that will last in the memory of her guests for a long time.
But somewhere between white sparkly dress, beaded veils and shimmery shoes, there is a girl (or girls) that can make a bride stand out even more. We are talking about bridesmaids, bride’s help and support, extra pair of eyes and in some way the ultimate accessory.
Junior bridesmaid dresses are often adorable versions of grown up dresses, showcasing a more innocent quality. Dessy Girl offers a stunning collection of junior bridesmaid dresses which co-ordinate perfectly with the Dessy adult range. Many of the junior bridesmaid dresses are available in a choice of above the knee or full-length.

what do junior bridesmaids wear
Junior bridesmaid dresses are often scaled down versions of timelessly classic designs, giving young girls an air of chic elegance. Designers use fine fabrics such as silk, chiffon, taffeta and tulle in a distinct way, giving junior bridesmaid dresses a different appeal to the childish designs so suitable for flower girls. Junior bridesmaid dresses are more likely to favor classic style features such as box pleats and cinched waistlines, rather than the frivolous ruffles and bows of flower girl dresses. Often the colors are bolder, perfectly expressing youthful vivaciousness and carefree charm.
A junior bridesmaid will really appreciate being included in the wedding and may well love her junior bridesmaid dress so much that it will become a firm favorite for parties and special events. She will enjoy posing for the wedding photographs in her junior bridesmaid dress, feeling herself on the cusp of womanhood as she stands by the more mature bridesmaids in a younger, more innocent version of their beautiful finery.

junior bridesmaid
Many brides are able to find matching bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses for their attendants. Some designers will even carry a range of dress sizes intentionally for this purpose. However, it is not necessary for your junior ‘maid to match your full-fledged attendants, just like it isn’t necessary for any of your bridesmaids to match! Choosing not to have matching dresses can help your ladies to feel more distinctive and comfortable on your special day. One thing you should keep in mind when shopping for junior bridesmaid dresses is modesty. Younger ladies should dress for their age, which might mean having a seamstress alter a bridesmaid dress to be more appropriate.